Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MOVIE REVIEWS: Three of the dumbest, dullest, movies I've seen

Noah. I finally caught up on this because I love end of the world kind of movies, hell, I've seen 2012 about ten times, so I definitely expected this to be better than it was. 


It was also as boring as bat shit, and God, what a waste of my time, roughly three hours. Thank God I decided to watch it online. 

Noah, what a dick, so are his three sons. Good on them for rescuing Emma, but for fuck's sake, what a stupid movie. His middle son, suffering from Jan Brady syndrome, got all shitty because he didn't score himself a wife. Big freakin' deal! So he decided to head off on his own. Blah, blah, blah!

They ALL had tantrums in this movie and someone should have punched Noah's head in. By the way, since when can you get drunk from squashing grapes into juice? It wasn't alcohol yet as it didn't have yeast and wasn't fermented. Unless he had some stored in the boat.


Not a fan of the Alien movies as this is supposedly a prequel, but thought this looked all right when it came out... whenever it was. I saw it on tv and what a load of bullshit. Seriously, if humans are still this fucking stupid in 2093 then I think we should kill them all now.

Snow White and The Huntsman

Another movie I waited until it came to tv to watch. God I cannot stand Kristen. She is as fake and plasticy as a bunch of Tupperware. She cannot act, cannot smile, cannot be human. Maybe she should have been the robot in Prometheus, that role would have suited her better. At least she doesn't talk much in this movie.

Stupid as shit.

And all three of these movies didn't make back what got spent on them. Box office flops? I can see why!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Disappointment at losing does not mean we MUST congratulate the winner.

Recently I entered an Instagram competition to win a shoe store gift card. I worked hard to win the $100 card. I’m in need of new summer sandals and desperately wanted it. You had to style the shoes you already had from this store and hashtag the pictures so the store knew about it. 

The comp went for two weeks and I took a bunch of photos of the one pair of shoes I had from that store with a bunch of different tops and jewellery. I posted three a day for over a week and yet….I didn’t win the freakin' gift card.......

Some woman who posted a pic of her with her feet up in crappy sandal thongs and holding a cappuccino with a milk heart won. Over all it was a crappy picture, no decent look about it, nothing inspiring.

But I lost.

And I cried.

I desperately wanted that card because it would have covered the cost of at least three pairs of shoes. I also need to buy a new TV to replace the crap one that doesn’t work properly and wanted some perfume and face cream. All in all, over $500 worth.

I have no idea why I cried. Probably because I worked so hard to win that when I didn’t it was a shock. And then I wondered if I should comment on the stores Instagram page. I decided not to because I wasn’t happy that someone else had won, and that led me to this blog post.

Somewhere in the archaic memoirs of this human world, I had to be happy and congratulatory for the winner.


After having a rather heated discussion with myself, I realised that I actually don’t HAVE to be happy for the winner. I am quite entitled to feel and be disappointed that I lost, it also doesn’t mean I HAVE to be happy for the person who won, who also happens to be the person I lost to. There is NO LAW that states I must be happy for the person I lost to, and there is NO LAW that says I am not entitled to feel disappointed and to express as much.

But there are those party poopers who would call me a sore loser and I should be happy for the winner. Actually I shouldn’t, don't have to be and won’t be.

I wondered where this bullshit comes from. That we must ‘suck it up’ and congratulate the winner, whether it be the new girlfriend of our ex-boyfriend, the co-worker who cheated on their work and scored the prize over the rest of us who worked hard when they didn’t, the person who won the gold medal in the swimming race. Essentially, be the 'bigger' person.

Was it the egotistical winner who thought they’d make the losers 'feel better' by dictating that they should congratulate them so that they can say they had grace and dignity? Isn’t that how we’re told we should do it? Be gracious in defeat and congratulate the winner. Why do we NEED to congratulate anyone when we’re upset at losing? I think it’s just an archaic way of controlling those who lose to make them feel worse by a winner who loved to gloat.

There is also a difference between being a sore loser and disappointed at losing. It’s all in the way we express it. If we verbally rip into someone then yes, sore loser, if we say we’re sad that we lost as we were looking forward to buying some fancy new shoes then we are disappointed.

Being disappointed DOES NOT mean you have to be happy for the winner. Being disappointed DOES NOT mean you MUST congratulate the person who won. Being disappointed is our right and our emotions, thoughts and feelings are entitled to be so.

We DO NOT have to congratulate the winners we lose to. It has nothing to do with being gracious or being the bigger person. It has to do with the fact that we JUST DON'T HAVE TO and we WILL NOT be dictated to by a society that is so screwed up it doesn't know its tits from its arse!

Friday, September 26, 2014

STOP believing your personal safety is someone else's issue!

Last year I saw blog posts that pointed some things out that I will repeat here. I also think they are stupid.

"Don’t walk home alone. Learn self-defence. Mind your drink. Don’t get drunk. It’s for your safety. Subtext: not getting raped, not getting murdered – that’s your responsibility".

It is actually, and women who keep denying these things need to pull their heads out.

Why is taking responsibility for your own health and safety such an issue for some women?

Why do you all want to make it an "excuse" and not a personal rule?

Why do you all rally against it and believe it's a "man" thing to just control you and shame you?

If you don't understand that YOUR safety is YOUR responsibility and have never listened to the cops tell us ways of protecting ourselves, like watching our drinks, never walking through dark parks and alleys just because it's quicker, parking under or near lights, then YOU have seriously stupid ideas about who is going to protect you if something happens.

CHOOSING to go home with a guy you don't know is YOUR CHOICE. CHOOSING to drink until your drunk is YOUR CHOICE, being stupid enough to think men can control themselves is YOUR CHOICE.

Never mind the fact that when you get drunk your risk of anything is higher. Stumbling down a flight of stairs and breaking a leg. Stumbling off a gutter and smashing your head on the ground. Stumbling onto the road and being hit by a car. 

And do you really want pictures of you spewing your guts up in the gutter with your hair in your face and your dress or skirt over your head on social media?

What will it take for you to look after yourself? Embarrassment? Bodily harm? Death?

"At the end of the day, hiding behind the safety excuse is not going to fly. What it says is, if you get hacked to pieces by a serial killer, it is your fault for going home with him. It’s not the serial killers fault. You provoked him. If you get raped when wearing clothes that can subjectively be called provocative, well you were really just asking for it, so stop lying, you big liar. Don’t you know that men are unable to stop themselves?"


"I find this idea that men have no control over their sexual desire really offensive. Like all men feel entitled to use the female body for whatever end, regardless of consent. I call bullshit on that one. Sure, men AND women need more education about consent and healthy relationships. But we are all human beings with the capacity to engage in self-control and a behaviour I like to call not murdering"


Women are in such denial about the world and believing that men will never take advantage is a very stupid thing to think. Just because you may have great guys in your life does not mean there are not millions more who will take advantage and do what they want when they want to women. 

You only have to look at Egypt and India for a start. Arseholes like that CHOOSE to NOT control themselves, they see it as a way of life because women are nothing to them. Women are kicking bags, dirt under their feet, objects to fuck and rape at their own leisure and God help them if they fight and complain because the police and government rape them all over again.

And you certainly can't use the "what I was wearing" excuse in those countries because so many are covered head to toe and clearly the males don't give a fuck what you are wearing even though they bang on about it in their religion.

Yeah, women need to give up all responsibility to men because it's the "man's" problem that they are violated. *rolls eyes in sarcasm*

Women, especially young women, need to wake up to themselves and the world and understand THEIR safety is THEIR business and responsibility, and stop giving it up to someone else to save them. You need to save and protect yourself because no one else will.

I am really sick and tired of females banging on this drum. You all sound so stupid and uneducated when you claim no responsibility for your own health and safety and want to lay it all back on men. The consequences of OUR actions are OURS alone. You CHOOSE to do what you do, YOU suffer the consequences. It's your own CHOICE, it's your own fault. Period!

The old "for every action is a reaction", "for every choice there is a consequence" is actually true. Whatever choice you make, be it right or wrong, has a consequence and a reaction, be it right or wrong. That's the way the world works, deal with it.

Men are responsible for THEIR actions, just as you are responsible for yours.

That's life, deal with it!

I am so fed up to the eyeballs with excuses women come up with. You all need to grow up and take a damn good look at life because it sucks shit and is not fair. Life is not fair, life is not nice, so grow a brain and get a damn good grip of your own responsibilities and be mature for once.

I'm a women who's had a gutful of stupid women. I'm a woman who takes responsibility for my health and safety. I'm a women who feels like punching quite a few women in the head for being so stupid. I'm a woman who is so sick and tired of the excuses women use to not stand up and take responsibility for their own actions and choices.

I am OVER stupid people.




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