Friday, February 17, 2017

L.J. Diva's 2017 Writing Plan and some great quotes from Debbie Gibson and Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Last year I released three short stories and an anthology under T.K. Wrathbone, as well as the paperback edition. I also released #teenblogger to paperback under Tiara King and released the three Porn Stars books across September and October, after writing them in April and May, with the fourth of that series to be released in March of this year, more on that I future weeks.

Since then I’ve written three more books and have more to go in that series.  The book I wrote in November emotionally exhausted me and made me bawl my eyes out daily because it has a heavy storyline and I was watching documentaries and movies to get the vibe of the time and era. And then, because the universe gave me the idea while writing book #2, I started writing book #4 (formerly #3). And it’s been a huge bastard. Let’s hope the rest will be novellas or short stories because I really cannot write another long book because writing is so damn tiring!

Here’s a quote from prolific author Kristine Kathryn Rusch from a podcast with author Joanna Penn...

My writing plan for 2017

(1) Under Tiara King the two series I had planned to write have been waylaid for another year or two but…

- 1 - I will be releasing a six book series plus omnibus edition (title to come but it’s awesome I promise) from March 1st in pre-release across e-book and paperback. It’s a look into another side of me and I typed everything up in the September school holidays of 2016 and #1 is currently with my book designer being finalised.

- 2 - I will be releasing two books in paperback, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential which have been finalised for release sometime in the next month or so.

- 3 - I want to get #teenblogger to Ellen DeGeneres so need to craft a letter to her. If anyone can help me out with an address of where to send presents and stuff to her that will actually get to her, much appreciated.

- 4 - I wanted to get my jewellery back into its own website last year but a whole bunch of other stuff came up instead, so it’s on the plan, but we’ll see. So once again selling will be on hold during the year as I cannot deal with all of it. I'm currently looking for templates that would suit the type of website look I want.

(2) Under T.K. Wrathbone

 - 1 - I’m releasing a paperback in March called Two Bone Anthology 2 which is last year’s stories in paperback.

- 2 - I will get three stories written, typed up, edited, assessed and out along with an anthology. Thank God I have already done the e-covers.

- 3 - Get the paperback version of them done.

(3) Under L.J. Diva

- 1 - I want to get the first four Porn Stars books done in paperback plus an omnibus edition of all four and release them in September.

- 2 - type up book #2 and have it edited, assessed, a cover done, the interior done and release it in September. But who knows, it may not come out until March 2018 considering everything else I’m doing.

- 3 - get books #3, #4, #5, #6 typed up along with any short stories if I have time.

- 4 - consider a website for the book series, plus an author one purely for books so I'm currently looking for templates that are awesome for books and authors that provide a decent layout and author plug-ins.

- 5 - get family and business trees for the book series made up but I’d have to do that done in Word or on PicMonkey. The Stephanopoulos family tree is huge and keeps growing with every book, along with the business tree so I’ll need a lot of space to fit everyone in. I also have character lists and a family/book timeline typed up. And I’m not even done with it yet.

Now, while I had a plan for what I was going to do and a yearly writing chart, clearly that has changed across the board with all three names because Porn Stars keep coming in my head. It’s obviously for a reason; I’ve had more ideas for these books than any other. So I figured I may as well grab it with both hands and run with it because the universe is giving it to me for a reason.

I read an interview with Debbie Gibson a while back and something she said resonated with me so I tracked it back down and made a quote of it. It’s quite relevant to anyone writing, or doing anything else creative.

The only way I can get everything done it slot it into a week/month. Once Retribution is up for pre-sale, I will start typing up book #2 and slowly get that done across five months until August. It will be up for pre-sale September 1st for a September 19th release date so Aug is the final month to work on it (IF I’m able to get it done on time otherwise it will have a March 2018 release)

While it is being edited and assessed I can do other things, such as T.K. Wrathbone stories which will take a day or two each, plus have my Tiara King books done, as well as finishing up the other Porn Star short stories and books. Once book #2 is released regardless of it being in September or March I can start typing up book #3 and deal with that until February/September 2018.

I work until 12  or 2 most nights, so that’s about 14 hours work, 6 hours sleep and four hours feeding, watering and showering both of us. Thursdays no work gets done because it’s bill paying/shopping/library day, but hopefully I can get my Fridays back because the blood nurse has now finish up with mum as of two weeks ago.

So, that’s my book plan for 2017. It’s set up until at least 2020, and probably beyond. Hopefully the universe will wait for me to finish with Porn Stars to let me have time to write the two jewellery series, plus the adult crime drama and teen book series, plus more short stories under Tiara King and T.K. Wrathbone so yeah, well beyond 2020. At this rate I’ll be writing until I’m 50. And that’s only 7 years away.

What do you guys think about the quotes? 

Have you ever been emotionally exhausted by something you've done, or has the universe dropped something in on you that needed to get out?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Kylie Minogue breaks up with another man, Lady Gaga's muffin top, and I'm a Celebrity's Kate Fischer/Tziporah Malkah

There are some things I want to have a chat about this week. Mainly three women who have been making the media's circulating gossip roll.

Kylie Minogue for a first. She's broken up with another man and she's had many. At 48 her latest ex-fiance was 28, no wonder it didn't work. They claimed the age difference didn't matter, but as Dr Phil, says, the common denominator of your relationships is you.

So what is wrong with Kylie that she keeps being cheated on and dumped, or is the dumper? Maybe it's time Kylie took a good long look at herself.

Onto Lady Gaga.

We got the Superbowl here in Aus but I didn't watch it. I saw some of Lady Gaga's show on the news and the moment I saw her in this outfit...I knew it was going to be all about her muffin top.

I don't care if she had excess fat on her stomach, jesus, most of us do, but I just knew there was going to be a troll fest over it. Websites have been all over it, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Independent.

How little do people have in their life if they have to do that. I noticed it, I thought about it for 0.000 seconds and moved on. I didn't feel the need to trash the shit out of her online for it.

Now on to Tziporah Malka a.k.a Kate Fischer as she was originally known. She went to Israel and changed her name to her Jewish Grandmother's. She was a 90s "covergirl" who dated billionaire James Packer who has had 2 wives and a fiance in Mariah Carey since. Kate has gone on our version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and she is completely up herself.

Kate in the 90s

Tziporah on I'm a Celebrity (pic courtesy of channel ten)

I'm A Celebrity S3

Cast of I'm a Celebrity including, god forbid, Tom Arnold.
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

She lives in the past, lives back in the 90s when she was with James. Has talked about him constantly, woe is me I'm poor and fat and just want to be left alone. And yet when a photographer sold pics to a magazine last year saying she was back, SHE is the one who then went in every other magazine and on every tv show talking about what she'd been doing in the last 20 years.

SHE'S the one who chose to go on this show. SHE'S the one who has lied about getting very little from James when they split. SHE'S the one sniping at people, saying she doesn't like them because they're always having a go at her, blah di blah di fuckity blah!

She even said Natalie Bassingthwaite (6th from right), an Aussie singer/actress, had a face you could strike a match on. Fucking hell! It's time KATE pulled her fat head out of her fat arse and got over her problems which clearly stem from her time with James. She's hateful, bitchy, self absorbed and snipey and I'm over it.

Why is it, that fat people become hateful or comedians. Clearly they hate being fat. Well the only person who got you fat is you, so stop blaming everyone else and sort your own shit out instead of taking it out on other people!

God I hate people like her! and if I was on that show I'd be ripping the shit out of her.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Celebrity Deaths and Reality TV. What the fuck happened in 2016?

Michael Weatherly had announced he was leaving NCIS, so I have no reason to watch it anymore, I spoke of those actors and musicians who had passed since I’d been on holiday, and the reality shit that had already come to Aussie tv.

Well, here we are again, this time in 2017, and what has changed?

We have the same reality shit on tv. Our version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, My Kitchen Rules, Married at First Sight, Gogglebox, Bride & Prejudice have all started this week. And more are to come. It seems that our whole year is taken up with shit reality shows while decent dramas are removed to make way.

We have NCIS back, and Lethal Weapon. Over summer we had new seasons of MacGyver, Scorpion and Hawaii Five0 but they were removed for the fucking sport!!!!! Which we’ve had a lot of over summer. January is always besieged by cricket, tennis and more cricket. That’s right; we have two networks showing different cricket games and two showing the fucking tennis!

And then we move onto MORE DEAD CELEBRITIES!

Seriously, could 2016 have been any viler when it came to those we lost. One website had a list of 60while another had even more

I’d say a few hundred died across the planet. And I just had the feeling when Carrie Fisher got sick that Debbie would go. Mum was talking to sister #1 and mum said “is Debbie Reynolds still alive?” I turned to her and said yes, and then thought, but not for long.

Holy fucking shitballs, Batman!

What the fuck is going on in the world? Did Mercury shoved Mars up Uranus and shit mercury filled mars bars at everyone? 

Fucking hell!

As if Jackie Collins's death in 2015 wasn’t bad enough for me, but now we just kept losing them because this year the deaths have already come. Mary Tyler Moore, Miguel Ferrer, Gordon Kaye from Hallo Hallo who I thought was already dead and John Hurt. And god knows who else that hasn’t been reported yet.


Well, let’s get onto to something else. The year ahead. There’s a few things to discuss over the next few weeks and months, the usual like movies I’ve watched, books I’ve written, what I did on my holiday. I might even refresh some old blog posts for another go round just to see how relevant they still are.

Next week I’ll talk about my plan for the year ahead, and the books I want to write and have written.

Until then, let’s hope no one else drops dead.




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