Friday, July 28, 2017

My Schedule this past Writing Holiday

Last school holidays I kept a list of what I did to show how I got everything done. Now, I'm making it a regular occurrence throughout the year.

The school holidays were on from July 7th to July 21st, but since there was another week after that, it's made it three weeks since I've been here, and in that time I didn't get what I thought I'd get done.

And it’s not all about writing. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I’d get any writing done this time and I didn’t. Purely because I found that we had quite a few appointments and other things to deal with, so, instead of writing, I got stuck into other business stuff that needed getting out of the way for the fourth quarter of the year and the super-secret squirrel news I’ve got coming.

Here's a list of what I did... 

Friday 7th - first half of clothes washing, paperwork, editing of current novel

Saturday 8th - second half clothes washing, more editing, more paperwork

Sunday 9th - editing kids’ books for corrections, nap due to meds

Monday 10th - editing kid’s books for corrections, nap due to meds

Tuesday 11th - editing kid’s books for corrections, nap due to meds, got off damn meds coz can’t work when I’m tired and yawning all the time.

Wednesday 12th - blog posts for Jewel Divas Style, paperwork, editing of next novel.

Thursday 13th - shopping, library, searched for blog templates online, uploaded corrected versions of my kids’ books online.

Friday 14th - first half of clothes washing, paperwork, editing of kids’ books, searched for blog templates.

Saturday 15th - got GSuite sorted for the new business coming. Edited future novel.

Sunday 16th - LJD email stuff, write out this post and did other Porn Star Brothers stuff.

Monday 17th - JDS email stuff for GSuite, paperwork, got legal stuff done online, paid bills etc, found out one of my websites was down and emailed my hosting company to sort it out. They blamed gsuite and told me to delete everything I’d just done even though it worked on three other domains and didn’t shut them down.

Tuesday 18th - cleaner came so didn’t get to do too much except potter around online and finish up legal stuff. Website was still down and hosting company promised to fix it.

Wednesday 19th - two doctors appointments and the bank, took a break.

Thursday 20th - shopping, library, chiro, took a break.

Friday 21st - clothes washing, good day so got it all done and outside in the sun, tried to deal with hosting company that still had not fixed my website and emailed them all day. Got no replies so I went in search of new hosting companies. Migraine!

Saturday 22nd - migraine still around so had a sleep in for a few extra hours.

Sunday 23rd - Second edit of the novel due next march, only got 3/4 of the way through as it’s long and went to bed at 2 a.m.

Monday 24th - Finished off the edit for the novel, searched for hosting companies and tried to figure out who to go with, got this blog post scheduled.

Tuesday 25th - Tried to get other business stuff done.

Wednesday 26th - Same as yesterday.

Thursday 27th - shopping, library, took a break.

Friday 28th - clothes washing, got other things done.

That's about it. Admittedly, as much as I'd love to actually write on the holiday, it doesn't always happen, so it's back to the grind of every schedules, editing, sorting, paperwork etc, etc, etc...

Friday, July 7, 2017

I'm off on my second writing holiday and my yearly writing plan update

Because we are the first week of July, that means that five full months of blog posts have gone by, and since I first told you all my writing plan for 2017. You can read the full post here

Since it is now school holidays and I'm off to hopefully get some more porn star books written and delve into a whole bunch of exciting stuff I have planned but will not tell you about until later in the year, I will update you on how my writing plan is going.

I'm using the stoplight colour system below, green is for 'done', orange for 'in the process of being done', and red for 'not done yet'.

My writing plan for 2017 so far...

(1) Under Tiara King the two series I had planned to write have STILL been waylaid for another year or two but…

- 1 - I will be releasing a six book series plus omnibus edition from March 1st in pre-release across e-book (titled Poems Of A Musical Flavour, Volume 5 is out now in pre-sale and paperbacks are coming later in the year). It’s a look into another side of me and I typed everything up in the September school holidays of 2016 and the paperbacks are currently being proofed.

- 2 - I will be releasing two books in paperback, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential which have been finalised for release sometime in the next month or so. (released back in May)

- 3 - I want to get #teenblogger to Ellen DeGeneres so need to craft a letter to her. If anyone can help me out with an address of where to send presents and stuff to her that will actually get to her, much appreciated. (I've written up a basic letter but because of that exciting thing I mentioned above, it's currently on hold until later in the year)

- 4 - I wanted to get my jewellery back into its own website last year but a whole bunch of other stuff came up instead, so it’s on the plan, but we’ll see. So once again selling will be on hold during the year as I cannot deal with all of it. I'm currently looking for templates that would suit the type of website look I want. (still searching for the perfect template)

(2) Under T.K. Wrathbone

 - 1 - I’m releasing a paperback in March called Two Bone Anthology 2 which is last year’s stories in paperback.

- 2 - I will get three stories written, typed up, edited, assessed and out along with an anthology. Thank God I have already done the e-covers. (#1 is out now in pre-release and called The Howler)

- 3 - Get the paperback version of them done. (planned for October for design and later for release)

(3) Under L.J. Diva

- 1 - I want to get the first four Porn Stars books done in paperback plus an omnibus edition of all four and release them in September. (due to financial difficulties, my other books will be refurbished and porn stars will make it later in the year or early next year.)

- 2 - type up book #2 and have it edited, assessed, a cover done, the interior done and release it in September. (my editing is in process and the cover is done)

- 3 - get books #3, #4, #5, #6 typed up along with any short stories if I have time. (so far, only #3 is typed up and in need of editing before it's date with my editor in November)

- 4 - consider a website for the book series, plus an author one purely for books so I'm currently looking for templates that are awesome for books and authors that provide a decent layout and author plug-ins. (web domains and templates bought and will be done before Sep)

- 5 - get family and business trees for the book series made up. The Stephanopoulos family tree is huge and keeps growing with every book, along with the business tree so I’ll need a lot of space to fit everyone in. I also have character lists and a family/book timeline typed up. And I’m not even done with it yet.

So far, that is where I'm at. As mentioned above, something exciting is underway and that's put me back slightly, by about two/three months, but come September when I announce it, all of my books will be updated and re-released in eb and pb and then porn stars will be done in paperback format, along with other paperbacks.

Otherwise, I'm off for a two week writing holiday...see you in three weeks...

Friday, June 30, 2017

When you come up with a really good idea, don't tell anyone until you've done it!

Because at the end of the day they’ll just steal it!

I recently listened to a podcast by Valerie Khoo and Alison Tait and they read out a listener’s letter that was about just this.

The woman had showed several people her book and later at a venue where she was giving a talk she was told by a woman the idea she’d had for her book. The listener said it was the exact idea she’d had and later found out the woman who had spoken to her was good friends with one of the people she’d told about her book. She said she felt like her idea had been stolen but she didn’t say or do anything about it.

You can read the full text here or listen to the podcast

Personally, I would have told the woman that it sounded like my idea and asked her if she knew the people I’d told. I would have had it out with both of them and unfriended them. How dare the so-called friend pass on her idea to someone else to write. That’s just bullshit.

It also reminds me of Justin Herald, the guy who started the Attitude clothing brand

I read one of his books, and since he was doing seminars and helping people out, he was at a dinner party one night with friends, and this couple couldn’t help themselves. They blurted out their idea for something they had come up with, it was in the making process, they had everything set up but were baulking on finalising it all. Someone else at that dinner party worked for a company and told them. The company had a cheap version made in China and released it while the couple was still waiting for something to come through. They missed out on the opportunity and lost a lot of money. Justin’s advice, DO NOT TELL PEOPLE YOUR IDEAS UNTIL THEY ARE COMPLETE AND OUT IN PUBLIC.

Because people will steal your ideas!

That’s why I NEVER tell people my titles or ideas until they are ready for release or I’m finalising covers. A few years back I did ask everyone what they thought of the original idea for Her Secret Island. It ended up quite different from what I started with so it has no significance to the overall idea. The same for Dream It, Write It, Publish It! Turned out completely different to what I had blogged about.

Personally, with the fact my family can’t help themselves from copying me, I really just want to keep my ideas to myself until they are up for pre-sale. That way, NO ONE can steal my ideas. Until they’re out of course…




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